Let Go of Temporary People


Not sure if any of you seen the video circulating of Madea (Tyler Perry) discussing letting people go. If you haven’t seen it, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube. It’s a fascinating video. The jest of it states that you need to determine who’s in your life for a season or a lifetime. Some people’s primary purpose is to teach you a lesson. Not necessarily to spend the rest of their life with you. It’s up to us to learn the difference.  However, we hold a tighter grip on that person when we need to let them go. Madea also mentioned that’s why people are having a difficult time because they’re keeping a dying relationship alive. I understand some folks don’t want to be alone or start over. I think we have to stop looking at this as a bad thing. It is more of an opportunity for you to grow and move in a more positive direction. Staying with someone for the sake of having someone is plain dreadful. That’s a miserable existence that I don’t want in my life.

These life lessons are too valuable to miss. I had two people that I used to have as friends. We had a falling out that, to this day, still doesn’t make much sense. I didn’t realize at the time that those friendships ending turned to be blessings in disguise. The lessons I learned from those relationships I still use to this day.  If one friend is playing both sides and keeps the drama going, then move right on past that person. A real friend never wants to pin two friends against each other. Their main objective would be keeping the peace. Also, watch how friends treat you after a romantic relationship ends. When my ex-fiancé and I broke up, I noticed a shift in two of my friendships. It came across like they didn’t know how to be my friend anymore. We all spent time together due to the fact we all were couples. I guess since now I wasn’t a couple, I no longer fit the image. Of course, this isn’t how friendships should be at all.


I discussed the shift with my two friends at the time, and they were gas lighting me, of course. Other friends warned me to be careful, and something seemed off with that situation. Of course, I didn’t listen, and ultimately the friendships fall apart. One friend was increasingly becoming distant, so I knew something was up. One day I finally called her out and asked her what’s going on? She said she wants to move on and gave a bogus explanation of moving away from friends who also knew Sharon (not her real name). I thought it was silly, but she wanted to leave my life, so I let the door wide open for her. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hurt. However, I wasn’t begging for someone to stay when their actions proved otherwise. I wish both of them the best, but it was time for us to part ways.

The biggest lesson I learned from this is when someone starts to treat you differently, pay attention. That person’s feelings toward you are changing, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll be shocked by what comes next. When someone is genuinely committed to you, they will have your back no matter what. That’s what true love is all about with your flaws and all. If nothing else, I learned who truly cared for me or who was ready to discard me when I didn’t fit their image. It’s sad when things end, but not everything is a loss. Some things work out for the better only when you allow it and stop fighting the process.

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How did you move on from situations that no longer served a purpose in your life?

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I'm just a girl trying to figure out life on my terms and in my own way. Join me on this journey and my hope is that we can inspire each other to live a more fulfilling life.

5 thoughts on “Let Go of Temporary People”

  1. I been through this phase of trying to hold on to temporary people. I had all the signs and all telling me to let them go and I didn’t listen . You know how the universe works if you don’t listen they will show you in a way where you have no choice but to pay attention. I had a friend be super spiteful towards me. Everything I said I wanted to do she went and did it without me. She would invite her other friends and would claim she didn’t invite me to come because she thought I was at work , but she never bothered to ask . She started taking pictures with a guy she knew I liked and the list goes on . I didn’t bother to entertain it or mention anything to her about it because I knew it was intentional. I literally just let the friendship go. Was I hurt yes because I felt like she was using everything I told her against me. Now as far as the friendship I don’t miss it at all and I can say I saw blessings once the friendship ended. I had less anxiety and less resentment in my heart . It took me awhile because I was vulnerable and didn’t want to be alone at the moment but I enjoy my solitude now .

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  2. I had to move on from a friendship of over 15 years and it was so difficult. We had done almost everything together but I was noticing we were growing apart and things were getting toxic. I knew she would be super emotional if I spoke to her directly about it so I just gave the friendship distant until she got the point. I’ve felt a positive change since ending the friendship but it was so difficult to do. I delayed for a very long time before I decided to make a move. Great post. I agree with you it’s necessary to let people go and move on so you can grow!

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